Cancel Subscription and Refund Policy

1. General

Fullchinese Pro is a Gammkite, Inc. Product.  We provide subscriptions for the plans in Apps.  All the plans could be subscribed though 3 payment methods with free 14 days trial days:

  • Google Payment
  • Apple Payment
  • Web Payment

Because we provide the free 14 trial days, we will do not provide refund for the already billed subscriptions.   However, once you cancel your subscription,  the payment method you provided won't be charged again for the next billing subscription periods.  Your membership will continue until this subscription period ends.

2. Unsubscribe method

Depending on how you subscribed originally, you should use one of the three methods below:

If you subscribe directly through

Note: If you've subscribed through FullChinese, you can only cancel via FullChinese’s website.
Go to and Log in , you will see the profile page.
Click on Subscriptions tab,  and click the Cancel Subscriptions Button
You’ll see the subscription status canceled once success.

If you subscribe via the Apple App Store

  • step 1: Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  • step 2:  Tap iTunes & App Store
  • step 3: Tap your Apple ID
  • step 4: Tap View Apple ID and sign in if necessary
  • step 5: Tap Subscriptions
  • step 6: Tap Fullchinese Pro subscription
  • step 7: Select Cancel

If you subscribe via the Google Play Store

  • step 1:  Open the Google Play Store Confirm that you are signed in to the correct Google account
  • step 2: Tap Menu Subscriptions Select Fullchinese subscription
  • step 3: Tap Cancel subscription

3. Contact Us

Email: (this is the preferred method of contact)
Address: Gammakite, Inc, 405 Concord Avenue, Belmont MA 02478
Phone: 617-362-0375